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Leg Workout at Home for Women

🦵🏼LEGS at home

💖This circuit is perfect if you’re short on time and want to get in some strength training + cardio.

Also, if the seasonal change is killing your motivation, incorporating circuits into your workout program might help. Circuits = no rest periods between the exercises. So you won’t be tempted to drag out those rest periods scrolling your phone, chit chatting, etc.⏱ Doing the workout with no interruptions and getting it over and done with will feel GOOD🔥.

If you want to make any of the first 6 exercises more difficult, just add more weight. You can also add weight to the clamshells by holding a dumbbell in place on the top hip.

🔵The workout (repeat for 3-4 rounds):
20 chair squats
15 romanian deadlifts
15 lateral squats (hello inner thighs!)
10 reverse lunges each side
30 knee banded glute bridges
15 single leg glute bridges each side
30 knee-banded seated hip abduction (10 sitting straight up, 10 lean forward, 10 lean back)
30 knee-banded clamshells each side (lose the band if it’s too challenging)

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